The presentations made during the January 29th MARCO Forum on Ocean Assessment and Data Syntheses Products are now available online in video format.
The full presentations can be viewed here:

Laura McKay, Chair of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO), presents an overview of the regional ocean planning process in the Mid-Atlantic.

Presentation on the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Assessment (ROA) made by Emily Schumchenia and Peter H. Taylor at the MARCO Forum on Ocean Assessment and Data Syntheses Products held in Dewey Beach, Delaware on January 29, 2016.
The ROA is an information resource developed to support the regional planning process. It provides an engaging and reader-friendly distillation of key information on selected topics in ocean planning for decision-makers, stakeholders, and the broader public. The ROA brings together and summarizes best available information on the ocean ecosystem and ocean uses from New York to Virginia, and it serves as a gateway to more in-depth information sources.

Patrick N.Halpin of Duke University’s Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab presents on the work of the Marinelife Data and Analysis Team (MDAT).

Melanie Schroeder Gearon of RPS ASA presents on the work of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Human Use Spatial Data Synthesis Project (HUDS).

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