Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network

MARCO’s work regarding ocean and coastal acidification is through co-coordination of the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network (MACAN). MACAN is a coordination of scientists, tribal, federal, and state agency representatives, resource managers, and affected industry partners who are working to develop a better understanding of the processes associated with estuarine, coastal, and ocean acidification.

2022 – 2024 MACAN Work Plan

2023 MACAN Work Group Plan and Progress Report

2022 MACAN Work Group Progress Report

Work Group Highlights

New ocean acidification infographics are now available on MACAN’s Resources page. These educational infographics were produced through the Visualizing Ocean and Coastal Acidification Locally (VOCAL) project. VOCAL is a collaboration between Sea Grant programs in the North Atlantic and the NOAA North Atlantic Regional Team. Links to the infographics are below:

MACAN hosted a series of webinars in 2018 and 2019. Webinars covered a range of topics from acidification monitoring plans to oceanographic technology.

MACAN published two papers that identified research and monitoring needs for ocean acidification in the Mid-Atlantic.

In May 2019 MACAN hosted its second workshop which brought nearly forty scientists, academics, government employees, and industry members together to discuss solutions for filling the research and monitoring gaps. The workshop report can be found here.  One-page fact sheets which summarize the workshop discussions were also published:

Please visit the MACAN website for more information about acidification-related projects in the region.