Maritime Commerce and Navigation Safety Work Group

2022 Maritime Commerce and Navigation Safety Work Group Work Plan and Progress Report

The Mid-Atlantic’s coastal and inland waterways are among the busiest marine transportation corridors in the nation and play a critical role in supporting the nation’s economy. As vessel traffic continues to grow and offshore wind energy development progresses, it will be important to plan for changes in maritime commerce and mitigate any potential risks to navigation safety and the environment.


The MACO Maritime Commerce and Navigation Safety Work Group works to ensure that issues impacting the safe transit of people and goods on Mid-Atlantic waters are preeminently integrated into regional planning efforts. Among its roles, the work group shares information with the public on Coast Guard studies and proposals (e.g. port access route studies, new anchorage areas) through platforms including the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal, as well as prominent navigation safety issues including port/infrastructure changes and storm season updates.

Webinar Recordings:

September 2021 How Tuesday: Port Access Route Studies and Map Data Update

Hosted in partnership with the Coast Guard and Northeast Regional Ocean Council, this session presented information on findings, public comment opportunities and next steps for Port Access Route Studies (PARS) focused on the Northern New York Bight and New Jersey Coast.

June 2020 How Tuesday, N.J./Delaware Bay PARS and Cape Fear Anchorage:

Information was provided about the Coast Guard Port Access Route Study (PARS) area extending offshore from Long Branch, NJ, to Ocean City, MD, and a proposed anchorage area near the Cape Fear River in North Carolina.

January 2020 How Tuesday, Coast Guard Data:

The Fifth Coast Guard District demonstrated how to use the Portal to analyze proposed anchorage areas in the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay vicinities, and a new Port Access Route Study area extending from North Carolina to Maryland. 

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