Renewable Energy

The Need for Action

The importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, achieving energy independence, and relieving congested energy transmission routes has elevated renewable energy on U.S. public policy agendas and in the public consciousness.

With a gently sloping continental shelf and strong offshore winds, the Mid-Atlantic is well-suited to offshore wind development, which could be a solution for states to meet renewable portfolio standards and goals.

As offshore wind development ramps up, states are tasked with considering how this exciting new industry will affect the busy and ecologically productive waters of the Mid-Atlantic. MARCO’s Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal houses and displays thousands of data layers to help coastal managers and decision makers understand potential interactions between offshore wind development, marine life and various ocean uses and resources. Current BOEM offshore wind lease areas are depicted in a Portal data layer that can be overlayed with other ocean data layers such as habitats and fisheries.

Learn more about how MARCO’s Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal informs offshore wind development in the Mid-Atlantic Region.