MACO Webinar: Mid-Atlantic Fish Habitat is Changing

Jun 9, 2020


Presentation Slides

This session is intended to help Mid-Atlantic Committee on the Ocean (MACO) members and stakeholders better understand how research examining fish species and fish habitat shifts will contribute to the body of knowledge to help fishermen, fisheries managers, ocean use planners, and coastal communities track ocean change, assess fisheries resources at risk, and ultimately safeguard the nation’s valuable marine fish stocks in this dynamic and ever changing ocean space.


 1:00 p.m.    Welcome     Kevin Hassell:  MACO Chair, NJDEP

                      Introductions   Jessica Coakley: MACO Steering Committee, MAFMC

 1:05 p.m.    Presentations Facilitator:  Jessica Coakley

  • Vincent S. Saba: NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service(NMFS) / Princeton University Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
  • Rich J. Bell: The Nature Conservancy
  • Victoria Kentner and Chris Haak: Integrated Statistics / NOAA NMFS / Monmouth University
  • Emily Farr, Mike Johnson, and Mark Nelson: NOAA NMFS
  • James W. Morley: East Carolina University, Coastal Studies Institute

1:55 p.m.     Discussion and Questions

The panel of experts will then answer questions and share their thoughts on this pressing issue in our region.

2:30 p.m.     Webinar concluded



This webinar was supported by funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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