Catch Up on Work Group Activities

Oct 26, 2022


Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network (MACAN) would like to alert stakeholders to a Federal Register notice for public comment on the: Draft Strategic Plan for Federal Research and Monitoring of OA released by Interagency Working Group on OA of the Subcommittee on  Science and Technology. The public comment period ends November 12.


map from NOAA showing the aragonite saturation state in surface water off the Northeast and Southeast US which is an indicator of ocean acidification

Aragonite saturation state in surface water as an indicator of ocean acidification. Cool colors indicate more ocean acidification (lower aragonite saturation). (Source: NOAA Gulf of Mexico and East Coast Carbon (GOMECC) cruises) Learn more:

Work Groups have posted their semi-annual progress reports on the Work Groups and Collaborative Efforts web page. Read what activities have been accomplished and are ahead for the rest of this year.


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