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Jan 28, 2022




NY Department of State is proud to announce Barbara Kendall, a Coastal Resource Specialist 2, recently published “Model Local Laws to Increase Resilience: A Comprehensive Resource for Municipalities along New York State’s Lakes, Rivers and Coastlines” in New York Zoning Law and Practice Report.

New York State residents, businesses, and property owners are at increased risk from the effects of climate change and extreme weather events. In addition to sea level rise and coastal flooding events, increased rain in the Northeast have threatened inland communities along New York rivers and creeks causing flash flooding and damage to infrastructure located in and/or near floodplains.

Recognizing this risk, the New York State Community Risk and Resiliency Act required that the Department of State work with the Department of Environmental Conservation and other partners to develop model local laws to help local governments increase their community’s resilience.

Download the report.



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