MARCO Management Board Member Spotlight – Mike Snyder, New York Representative

Apr 29, 2022


As part of an effort to help MARCO stakeholders and partners get to know members of the MARCO Management Board, the quarterly newsletter has added a new feature – “Spotlight on a Management Board Member.” This month’s spotlight is on the representative from New York, Mike Snyder. Learn more about Mike in his own words from the interview for the Spotlight.

What is your name? Mike Snyder

What is your work title? Ocean and Great Lakes Program Manager

What organization do you work for? New York State Department of State

How many years have you served on the MARCO Management Board? In one capacity or another, since it started in 2009!  Official member or alternate since around 2015

What is your role on the Management Board? New York member/alternate and MACO Chair

What MARCO workgroups do you participate in? All of them!  Especially offshore wind

What are your daily job duties? Oversee and lead New York’s ocean and Great Lakes program, with a staff of 5 and activities around the State.

What are the most fun and the most challenging parts of your job? New York is so diverse in its people and coastlines that there are new and interesting challenges all the time.  Approaches that work in one part of the State will often need to be modified or even completely rethought in other parts to be successful.

Why did you get involved in ocean resource management? I grew up near water (the Erie Canal in New York) and have always been interested in how communities develop to take advantage of access to waterways while also needing to be mindful of how dynamic they can be.

What is the most pressing ocean resource issue in your state? Addressing climate change and its impacts on the coast while developing renewable resources like offshore wind

What is your hope for the future of ocean resource management? That it continues to attract energetic and passionate people who are committed to working collaboratively to solve our most pressing challenges!

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