MARCO Management Board Member Spotlight – Christie Mazzeo-Pfoertner, New York Alternate

Jan 30, 2023


As part of an effort to help MARCO stakeholders and partners get to know members of the MARCO Management Board, the quarterly newsletter has added a new feature – “Spotlight on a Management Board Member.” This month’s spotlight is on the alternative representative from New York, Christie Mazzeo-Pfoertner. 

What is your name?  Christie Mazzeo-Pfoertner

What is your work title?  Oceans and Great Lakes Technical Specialist

What organization do you work for?  New York Department of State (DOS)

How many years have you served on the MARCO Management Board?  3

What is your role on the Management Board?  I serve as an alternative to New York’s Management Board member.

What MARCO work groups do you participate in?  I am the Chair of the MARCO Communications Committee and participate in the Offshore Wind Regional Collaborative, Marine Debris, and Ocean Conservation.

What are your daily job duties?  In addition to my MARCO responsibilities, I am a member of the DOS Office of Planning, Development and Community Infrastructure (OPDCI) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Accessibility (DEIJA) working group, and on New York State offshore wind goals.

What are the most fun and the most challenging parts of your job?  The people I work with! Everyone brings a unique perspective to ocean resource management but the enthusiasm and dedication we all share make the challenging days worth it. The most challenging part of my job is coming to consensus on ocean issues with a wide range of people with differing priorities but when we find a solution that works for everyone the sense of accomplishment is much greater than if we all had the same priorities.

Why did you get involved in ocean resource management?  Unlike most people that grew up near the water, my passion for the ocean came later in life. My interest in ocean issues began with an Introduction to Oceanography course in college and has grown and evolved to where my interests are today.

What is the most pressing ocean resource issue in your state?  Addressing climate change and its impacts on the coast while developing renewable resources like offshore wind.

What is your hope for the future of ocean resource management?  Equitable and inclusive management of ocean resources with a balance between ocean conservation and sustainable development.


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