Watch: Mid-Atlantic Port Access and Navigation Safety Studies Webinar

Oct 28, 2020

A video and slides are now available for the Oct. 8 webinar Mid-Atlantic Port Access and Navigation Safety Studies, hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Committee on the Ocean (MACO). The session featured a presentation by U.S. Coast Guard personnel about a series of Port Access Route Studies (PARS) the agency is leading along the Atlantic Coast as offshore wind development proceeds, as well as a panel discussion with representatives of the port, maritime and offshore wind industries.

The Coast Guard discussion included an overview of the East Coast PARS efforts by Office of Navigation Standards Team Leader George Detweiler; a summary of the Northern New York Bight PARS by Maritime Energy and Marine Planning Chief Michele DesAutels; and summaries of the PARS for New Jersey Coast/Delaware Bay Approaches, the Chesapeake Bay Approaches, and the North Carolina Coast by District Five Waterways Staff Capt. Maureen Kallgren. Click here to download the group’s presentation slides.

The industry stakeholders panel included Virginia Maritime Association Vice President of Industry and Government Affairs Will Fediw, Pilots’ Association for the Bay and River Delaware Chairman Capt. Stuart Griffin, Lund’s Fisheries Director of Sustainability and Government Relations Jeff Kaelin, and American Wind Energy Association Vice President of Policy and Regulatory Affairs Tom Vinson. The panel was moderated by Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute Director Tony MacDonald. Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data team member Karl Vilacoba provided a demonstration of how to access and use the site’s interactive maps showing the PARS areas.


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