As offshore wind development in the Mid-Atlantic intensifies, states are busily working to ensure this rapidly growing industry minimizes impacts to other ocean uses and marine life. MARCO continues to play a key role in the process, informing decision-making through its Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal and facilitating open discussion and information-sharing among ocean stakeholders.

Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal Offshore Wind Data Expansion
Nine new map layers depicting offshore wind project areas and infrastructure in the Mid-Atlantic and New England have been added to Marine Planner. In addition, four dropdown categories have been added to the Renewable Energy theme in an effort to organize the growing collection of maps more clearly for users. Click here to read about the recent expansion of the Portal’s offshore wind data collection.

Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Story Map
Which offshore wind projects are held by which companies?  Which projects are in the planning phases and which are the furthest along? And what in the world is Skipjack? Take a state-by-state tour of offshore wind projects in the region with our new story map on the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal for answers to those questions and other information about the status of offshore wind development in the region. View story map.

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