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A digest of news links and informational resources compiled quarterly by MACO members.


(Updated 12/13/22)


Upcoming Dates & Events


Feb. 6-9: Coastal GeoTools 2023, Charleston, S.C.


June 2-3 (call for abstracts through 1/15): Sustainability in Teaching and Research (STAR) Symposium, Monmouth University


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Regional Ocean News


Giant seaweed farm in the Atlantic hopes to be a global carbon sink , the Weather Network, 12/4/22


Agency News


BOEM: BOEM Advances Review for Two Proposed Wind Projects Off Atlantic Coast, 12/12/22


NOAA: Updated Reports Available to Help Better Understand Fishing impacts Associated with Offshore Wind Development Along the U.S. Atlantic Coast, 12/7/22


DOE: WETO Releases $28 Million Funding Opportunity to Address Key Deployment Challenges for Offshore, Land-Based, and Distributed Wind, 12/6/22


NOAA/NFWF: NOAA, NFWF announce record $136 million for coastal resilience, 12/6/22


BOEM/NOAA: BOEM and NOAA announce joint strategy for fisheries surveys, 12/5/22


NOAA: Climate Science Strategy Regional Action Plans to be finalized in December


BOEM: Biden-Harris Administration Announces News Steps to Strengthen Tribal Co-Stewardship of Public Lands and Waters, 11/30/22


BOEM: BOEM Identifies Draft Wind Energy Areas in the Central Atlantic for Public Review and Comment, 11/16/22


BOEM: BOEM FY2022 Quarter 2 Environmental Studies Report Now Available, 11/15/22


BOEM: BOEM Seeks Public Comment on Draft Environmental Analysis for Proposed Wind Energy Project Offshore New York, 11/14/22


NJBPU: New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Selects Offshore Wind Transmission Project Proposed by Mid-Atlantic Offshore Development and Jersey Central Power & Light Company in First in Nation State Agreement Approach Solicitation, 10/26/22


BOEM: BOEM Encourages Nominations for New National Academies Committee for Offshore Wind Energy and Fisheries, 10/26/22


New Jersey Governors Office: Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Increasing Offshore Wind Goal to 11,000 MW by 2040, 9/27/22


BOEM: BOEM Enhances its Processes to Identify Future Offshore Wind Energy Areas, 9/16/22



General FYI


Brookings Institution Report: Building a Broader Atlantic Community, December 2022


MARCO Portal: BOEM Central Atlantic Draft Wind Energy Areas Map Now Available, 11/28/22


MARCO Portal: New Maps of Commercial Fishing Vessel Activity Between 2015-2019, 11/21/22


MARCO: Fall MARCO News, 10/31/22


MARCO Portal: Import GIS Files and Draw Polygons, Lines and Points with Shapes Tool, 10/20/22


MARCO Portal: Wastewater Discharge Levels, Pipes and Treatment Facilities Data Added to Portal, 10/13/22


USDOT: Thriving Communities Grants program held an Applying for Technical Assistance Webinar, 10/13/22


MARCO Portal: USDOT Marine Highways, Roll-On/Roll-Off Freight Facilities Added to Portal, 9/21/22