Over the last three months MARCO has continued to add new and exciting content to its website. The updated “Ocean Planning” dropdown menu now contains a page dedicated to Work Groups and Collaborative Efforts, which links to individual work groups and highlights the efforts on marine debris, ocean acidification, ocean mapping data and more. The Marine Debris Work Group recently released the Marine Debris Work Plan, which can be found here and on its web page.

As one of MARCO’s shared regional priorities, an updated Renewable Energy page has been added to the MARCO website. As offshore wind development ramps up, states are tasked with considering how this exciting new industry will affect the busy and life-filled waters of the Mid-Atlantic. From the Renewable Energy web page, follow the link to the new Offshore Wind Story Map on the MARCO Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal to see how it informs offshore wind development in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Keep an eye on the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Forum page for information coming soon on the 2nd annual Ocean Forum to be held in New York City on May 19, 2020. Stay up-to-date on the website and projects from MARCO by checking out the Website Updates section of MARCO News next quarter!

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