After nearly two and half years serving as MARCO’s full time Communications Manager, Arlo Hemphill has recently left the MARCO team to focus on a broader portfolio of consulting in conservation and science communications. Through his consulting firm, I am Wilderness, Arlo works with non-profits, industry, government, indigenous groups and academia to tell the stories of some Earth’s wildest places. Some of his current projects include writing endangered species profiles for a new book by Conservation International and developing an outreach and cultural exchange initiative with the Waorani Nation, a group of indigenous people native to Ecuador’s Amazonian region.  Later this spring/early summer, Arlo will be launching a new monthly publication catering to policy, technology and business developments around one of the world’s emerging ocean extractive industries.  For more information or to connect with Arlo in his new role, contact him at
In the above photo, Arlo is seen meeting with Waorani leader Moi Enomenga in January at the Jatun Sacha Biological Station in Ecuador’s Amazonian Napo Province. The two discussed capacity issues that have hindered the Waorani in protecting their legal territory from illegal logging and extractive industries, and how strategic communications may help bridge existing needs.

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