MACAN Webinar and Workshop Focus on State Ocean Acidification Action Planning and Implementation

Apr 23, 2021

 If you missed the April 12 MACAN webinar on State-Led OA Action Planning in the Mid-Atlantic, the recording is now available on the website:  Co-hosted with the OA Alliance, this webinar focused on the partnerships, data, research, projects and policy frameworks that are informing states’ OA Action Plan recommendations in NJ, MD, and MA.

Building on that theme, MACAN and the OA Alliance are planning a half-day virtual workshop on Ocean Acidification Planning and Implementation in the Mid-Atlantic to be held in October 2021. The workshop aims to connect researchers, state agencies, and/or representatives from state legislators across the Mid-Atlantic region to help inform OA Action planning, identify associated data needs, and coordinate monitoring where appropriate. Recognizing that each Mid-Atlantic state is at a different stage of OA Planning, your input is needed to help ensure the workshop adds value to your current or future planning or implementation efforts. Please fill out this short questionnaire or share it with others who may have an interest in the upcoming workshop:

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