Learn about Marine Sanctuaries – Public Webinar

Oct 26, 2022


This fall MARCO is hosting a new webinar entitled: Marine Sanctuaries as a Mid-Atlantic Ocean Conservation Tool. During this publicly available and free webinar, participants will learn how the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal can be used to visualize use of ocean and coastal space. We will then hear a case study from an existing National Marine Sanctuary, Stellwagen Bank, located off the coast of Massachusetts. This webinar is particularly timely given the ongoing designation process of a national marine sanctuary at Hudson Canyon.

The Mid-Atlantic ocean and coast support vibrant habitats and unique wildlife, thriving recreation and tourism opportunities, and many different commercial industries. MARCO and its ocean planning committee, MACO, work at the regional scale to inform management decisions by building an understanding of where and how ocean space is being used. This includes but is not limited to wildlife distribution and abundance; presence of different kinds of marine habitats; and human use information like fishing industry activities, offshore wind energy planning and lease areas, and transportation routes.

Keep an eye out for additional information in the coming weeks.



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