Just 115 Miles Off the Shore of Your Beach Lies a Thriving Deep-Sea Ecosystem

Jul 24, 2020

MARCO and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution partnered together to hold the webinar, “Underwater United States: Exploring life and ecosystems in the U.S. EEZ corals and canyons” to celebrate National Ocean’s Month in June. The webinar, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, followed Dr. Tim Shank’s exploration of lesser known underwater canyons of the Mid-Atlantic.

Studying these fragile habitats and the hidden and unusual species that live in them is important to understanding how our decisions and daily behavior can impact little known areas of the ocean, not so far away, but unseen. With 558 people registered for the webinar, and some of the most riveting images included, this is a popular presentation you do not want to miss. You can watch the recording on MARCO’s website and explore other materials created to highlight the exciting findings such as the Story Map, Ocean Story and Executive Summary covering all of Dr. Shank’s findings.

This research was supported in part by funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.


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